Definitely, we are living revolutionary times.

Specifically in the Animal Feed Business, where CE legislation has created new rules for animal and human safety, we became very restricted about the use of efficient products(GMP's) which solve physiological, respiratory dis-functions and other health problems, so common in animal rearing. But, due to this challenge, it seems our industry wan resiliency advantage, and new and different products came on the market, very useful for an efficient nutrition ; also, new ideas and concepts are being developed on nutrition, and this makes it possible to rear healthy animals, on industrial basis.

Thus, we developed the following range of products :

I - Normal pre-mixtures and concentrates with vitamins, trace elements and minerals(eventually also including proteins, fats,...) ;

II - Nutritional Complements, being support and maintenance for the animal health.

For more details about our products, please consult the animal species list.

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