1. Premixtures ®EVOmix
    EVO 010 – Premixture of vitamins and trace elements for all kind of horses, growth, breeding, production and reproduction

    EVO 030 – Premixture of vitamins and trace elements for working horses
2. Concentrates
    EVOM 410 – Premixture of vitamins, trace elements and minerals for horses

    EVOM 430 – Premixture of vitamins, trace elements and minerals for working Horses
3. Personalized Compositions
    Possibility for personalized compositions, as well premixtures, concentrates and complementary feed
4. Nutritional Complements (S.U.S.A)
    SN.EVO 110LL - 10 kg on top of one ton of feed for horses, specially during periods of development, growht or production ; also on moments of seasons changes : from cold to warm or hot, from dry to humid weather, and when vaccination or medication is applied.

    SN.EVO10/90 YM-Ar – With 5 kg , on top of 1 ton of feed for yearlings, horses, or mares, the animal is provided with na high level feed, which includes Yeasacc and Mycosorb, as registered products form Alltech, taking care of perfect digestability of the feed and ranging out of eventually present toxines

    SN.Equi-Vital - 20 gr./day/horse.
    The continuous use of Equi-Vital will demonstrate excellent results, very rapidly : rapid and regular growth for young animals ; healthy, well formed, and flexible boots ; Hair couth brilliant and beautifull

    SN.Equi-Multi - 20 gr./day/for race horses during competition.
    The continuous use of Equi –Multi multiplies the resistance and performance level of the racing horse. The horse will maintain in perfect shape during more time without problems.

    SN.EquiAmac - 10-20-30 g/day/horse, depending on weight.
    For horses, earlings or mares, during growth or fetal development, or when high performance is needed.

    SN.Equimel - 500 gr/day/horse
    Equimel makes it possible that no failure or deficiency of vitamins or trace elements appears during normal development.

    SN.TopVit - Sport horses and reproducing mares: 60 gr/day/animal.
    Young horses : 25-40 gr/day/animal.

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