• Premixes with Vitamins and/or trace elements
    Natural Ingredients.
  • Traditional line
    Economic line.
  • Top line
    Professional line
    Ecological line.
  • Guaranteed compositions.
  • Inherent quality.
  • Poultry:
    Intensive, Extensive, Kinetic and aquatic.
  • Ruminants:
    Bovines, Ovines, Caprines – Meat and milk.
  • Pigs:
    Industrial and Biological.
  • Horses:
    Race Horses, Work and meat.
  • Rabbits:
    Industrial, rural and ecological.
  • Fish:
    Intensive and/or aquariums.
  • Pets:
    Dogs, Cats, pigeons and others.
  • Others:
    Zoo animals, molluscs, etc
  • For our costumer:
  • We create increased values.
  • More success and profit.
  • More benefits, thanks to our structure so more advantages in products with beneficial ratio content/cost.
  • Costumer technical assistance:
  • Least cost formulation.
  • Laboratorial analysis + diagnostic.
  • Zootechnical, biological and veterinarian support with university level and field experience in Portugal, Belgium(Europe), Brazil(South America), Africa, Asia and U.S.A.

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