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Solutions from a specialized team

PREMIX, Lda presents itself in a different way in the market by offering each client complementary assistance conducted by specialized personnel such as veterinarians, agronomists, biologists and chemists with extensive experience.

Comfort Nutrition

For the animal: better health, well-being, and therefore greater sustainability on the farm.

For the producer:
more and better production and profitability.

For the consumer:
protein food such as meat, milk and eggs, raised in a healthy and natural way.


Studied and customized for each client based on the availability of raw materials and their respective prices, as well as other factors that are deemed to be preponderant, with a view to obtaining a balanced food at the lowest cost.

Laboratory Analysis

We analyze raw materials and finished products in order to be able to rigorously control the levels of: Moisture, Ash, Protein, Fat, Fiber, Starch, Sugar, = physical-chemical analysis, and also complement: Calcium, Phosphorus, Chlorides, fat quality parameters, NDF, ADF, ADL, protein toasting quality (urease and PDI), + presence of Urea. All H.C., supplementary calculation.


We have the technical and human resources to teach practical and training courses in the various areas of the compound feed industry and intensive animal husbandry.

Veterinary support

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as support in their treatment and/or prevention.

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